Recap: August 21- August 25

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a fun weekend!

This week we played some new games, and some older ones! Let’s dive in shall we?



-Not Alone



Three out of the five games we had never played before whereas the other we had. We have played Hanamikoji and Splendor quite a few times before. Splendor was one of the first games we had got and its still one of those games that we still really enjoy. Hanamikoji is always such a beauty to bring out. The game’s art is so gorgeous and its so colorful. The gameplay is packed with strategy. Definitely need to think with it!

Not alone was definitely fun for us. Though we really want to play the game with more people. I think it would be quite fun with at least 3-4 people. Hopefully we can play with more people soon! The art in this game is awesome as well.

Catan is a classic in many of our eyes. We just had never played it! Now we understand how and why its a classic. We really enjoyed our experience with this game and can’t wait to share it with others who haven’t played it. We want our families to play it!

Unearth was quite an interesting game for us. The art is very beautiful and we enjoyed the game play. It felt different than anything we played. We really enjoyed it. Its a game I’d play if I wanted something quiet. Nothing too crazy!

Overall, this weeks games were a lot of fun! We really enjoyed the variety we had. Some new, some old! Trying to spice it up a bit! Again, stay tuned for this weeks coming games! Till then...

Happy Gaming!